A Note from Carlee (re: Push Polls)

I am posting this message because recently a “push poll” began telling people that I was a “pro-choice liberal.” This assertion isn’t based on facts or evidence, but the public allegation risks distracting us from the issues in this campaign and the areas I can impact as mayor-president.

I am pro-life. I have been telling that to individual voters who have asked, but I have always reiterated that the mayor-president cannot impact that topic, and therefore I have not made it a part of my campaign literature/platform.

As your next mayor-president, my responsibility will be to respect and represent everyone in the parish—regardless of whether they consider themselves pro-life or pro-choice. I take that responsibility very seriously.

Because the ugly mudslinging tactics we used to only see in national politics has made its way to local races, there’s a strong possibility that there will be another push poll. It may accuse me of being against the second amendment (which I am not) or that I want Lafayette to be a sanctuary city (which I do not). I am certain that the social media opposition will twist this post’s content as well.

I have been and will remain reluctant to engage in all of this distraction, because I believe very strongly that my campaign platform should be focused on local issues. You can read more at carleeforlafayette.com/issues.