Our first Big Tent Event was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who participated. Watch the presentation or download the slides below.
July 23, 2019

Join the Carlee for Lafayette campaign at the first in a series of public town hall meetings on July 23 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Cajundome Convention Center. The first of the “Big Tent” series will focus on drainage. The public is invited and attendance is free, but because space is limited, we are asking attendees to RSVP.

At the town hall, Carlee Alm-LaBar will present to attendees her proposal for drainage for the parish. She will also seek feedback on the plan from attendees and the public. “The parish needs a clear, coordinated, and comprehensive plan to combat flooding. And parish voters deserve to understand the differences in the approaches that the candidates for mayor-president will take on drainage policy,” Alm-LaBar said. “Our campaign is ready to lead that discussion so we can hit the ground running in January with implementation.”

We plan on holding other town hall events to discuss in detail other aspects of Carlee’s platform. The series is called the “Big Tent” to reflect that everyone is invited and that all ideas are welcome to be discussed.

“There’s room for everyone under the Big Tent,” Alm-LaBar said. “An issue like drainage is something that impacts everyone in the parish. Calling it ‘big tent’ tells Lafayette citizens that we are focused on involving everyone who cares about the issue—Republicans and Democrats, northside and southside, and residents from across the parish. Local issues require local solutions, and the best way to reach those solutions is to gather together and have these discussions face to face.”