Finance Report

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Yesterday we sent in our first campaign finance report, showing that we have raised more than $338,000 between March and September 2. It’s a great deal more than my opponents raised combined.

We took the time to break down the numbers, given all the misinformation that’s been circulated about my supporters. Turns out, Republican voters are actually the largest group of individual donors to the campaign. More than 100 registered Republicans have given a total of $73,000 to my campaign through Sept 2.

Here’s an article from the Advertiser about the fundraising.

Independent, no party voters, make up the next highest total—91 independent voters have given more than $51,000. And we have raised $46,000 from 141 Democrats.

My message, running as an independent candidate who puts Lafayette first, has resonated across the parish with voters of all political parties. My supporters know, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, that I am the most experienced, best prepared candidate to do the job.

I am also proud that 79 businesses have donated more than $103,000 since I began raising money in March 2019.

More than half of the 387 donations from individuals have been for $100 or less. A link to the report, which was filed this morning, is here: http://www.ethics.la.gov/CampaignFinanceSearch/LA-78552.pdf

The Carlee for Lafayette campaign goes into the final leg of the race with $206,000 cash on hand. Fundraising efforts are continuing and the campaign has started to place media buys.

We all know that money is helpful, but it will not be why we win this race.

I am so honored to have attracted hundreds of volunteers to our campaign. Canvassing efforts have grown to more than 40 canvassers each weekend, and efforts are underway to grow that team further through election day. Please contact Molly if you are ready to walk!

It’s the strength of our volunteers and our message of putting Lafayette first that will win this race!

I would like to end this post with a quote from campaign volunteer Don Bacqué. If you don’t know Don, he is a former Chamber of Commerce Chairman, former State Legislator, and long-time political observer.

“I’ve been around Lafayette politics a long time. And any voter that has questions about the type of leader Carlee would be for Lafayette should look at the type of campaign that she’s run. The campaign has included all parts of our community and put people who are often on different sides onto the same side,” Bacqué said. “It’s been the most organized campaign in recent memory. It’s been the hardest working campaign in recent memory. It’s been the most positive campaign in recent memory. It’s been the most substantive on policy. And as it heads into the final weeks, her campaign has raised money more quickly than what we’ve ever seen in a mayor-president’s race—which is a testament to Carlee’s fiscal stewardship and responsibility.”